Convert Reluctance into Enthusiasm!


Leadership training seminar for executives


Team-building event for employee/employer collaboration


Workshops for employee wellness and company sustainability

Having a hard time getting employees back to work? Connect the dots...

There is a reason why your workers don’t want to return to the office.

And there is something you can do about it, something that not only will turn things around in your company but also will put your company on the forefront of providing a blueprint solution for this national crisis – among other benefits, leading to a unique PR opportunity.


Convert Reluctance into Enthusiasm:

Innovative Solutions for Getting Employees Back to Work

In this multimedia presentation to your C-Suite, you will discover how to transform your worker crisis into an exciting opportunity for company productivity, growth, and publicity. Read More

On Topic:

The Surprising Truth about Chronic Illness and the Future of Work (Forbes)

Requiring Employees to Return to the Office? Get Ready for Them to Quit (HR Executive)

How Managers Can Support Employees with Chronic Illness (Harvard Business Review)

What People Are Saying

The Facilitator:

Loolwa Khazzoom is uniquely qualified to steer you through the turbulent waters of post-pandemic America – with the added bonus of creating a PR opportunity for your company – given her decades of experience in these areas:

  • Innovative thought leader
  • Leadership development facilitator
  • Wellness educator
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  • Leveraging adversity as robust opportunity
  • Injecting playful creativity into the process of transformation 
  • Teaching whole-being healing for chronic health conditions
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Professional Credentials

  • Featured wellness expert in top media including The New York Times and Fox News
  • Presented at venues including Harvard University and the Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • Created healing methodologies endorsed by preeminent doctors
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Personal Credentials

  • Self-healed from several common and chronic health conditions

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  • Turned the experience of trauma on its head
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  • Effectively harnessed the power and wisdom of her life experiences
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Dancing with Pain

What It Is
An innovative dance method for reducing or eliminating pain.
Read More

How It Works
Participants dance wherever is comfortable and move whatever is not in pain. Read More

How It Benefits Your Company
You will empower employees with a free and readily-available tool for reducing or eliminating chronic pain, thereby increasing company productivity and revenue. Read More

Kitchen Pirates

What It Is
A fast, fun, and fresh approach to healthy eating.
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How It Works
Participants learn how to optimize nutrition and minimize cooking time.
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How It Benefits Your Company
Educating your employees about self-care through nutrition is an investment in employee wellness, leading to increased company productivity and revenue.
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Cancer is my Engine

What It Is
A lifestyle modification program putting employees in the drivers’ seat of their health – turning the prevention or treatment of cancer into the adventure of a lifetime. 

How It Works
Participants learn how to treat cancer as a biomarker for wellness – in the process, transforming their lives and amplifying their sense of meaning and purpose, joy and peace. 

How It Benefits Your Company
You’ll empower your employees to take an active role in getting and staying healthy in the face of a cancer diagnosis – thereby investing the vitality of your work force and, as a byproduct, reducing your cancer-related costs. Read More

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